Perioperative Nursing Dilemma for carers

Topic: Perioperative Nursing Dilemma Perioperative Nursing Dilemma . What is your understanding of the dilemma of providing information to carers while considering the confidentiality concerns relating to the patient/client. Consider the ethical implications in your consideration of the issues. Perioperative Nursing, principle of confidentiality  The principle of confidentiality is centered on the trust between peri-operative nurses […]

Mental illness disabilities vulnerable population

Topic: Mental illness disabilities. Mental illness disabilities. Choose a vulnerable population: disabilities, homeless, rural/migrant health, or mental illness, and discuss the nature of the vulnerability in detail. Answer: Mental illness disabilities. Mental Illness Disabilities Mental illness causes distress and impairment of interpersonal, occupational and psychological functioning. The most common types of psychiatric disorders include; mood, eating, anxiety, […]

CDC school funded program

CDC school funded program. Centre for Disease Control (CDC) school-funded program. CDC school funded program. Find a program developed to provide health promotion and education to a specific population. Evaluate this program on its ability to identify with the specific population, on its implementation of effective intervention methods, and on its program planning strategy. This […]

Leadership and Organizational Conflict Models

 Topic: Leadership and Organizational Conflict  Leadership and Organizational Conflict Discuss Fiedler’s original Model of Leadership and then compare this with his later development of Cognitive Resource Theory. What type of leader characteristic (more intelligent versus more experienced) is most suited for high-stress incidents? What type of leader (more intelligent versus more experienced) is best suited […]

Genetic Counseling benefits

Genetic Counseling benefits Genetic Counseling. Introduction Genetic Counseling. Diabetes mellitus is considered a lifetime condition which inhibits the body’s capability to regulate metabolic glucose levels. It is divided into two categories that are; diabetes mellitus type 1 and type 2. Symptoms of type 1 occur after the destruction and damage of cells found within the pancreas […]

LGBTQ Populations Social Workers’ Role

The LGBTQ Populations and Social Workers’ Role LGBTQ Populations and Social Workers’ Role. The NASW encourages the adoptions of policies, procedures, and laws that recognize and respect insurance, marriage, same-sex, property, inheritance, child custody, and others concerning gay, lesbian, transgender and bisexual relationships. Therefore, NASW organization plays significant roles of social workers in equal rights and […]

Business Ethics Management

Business Ethics Management Business Ethics Management. According to Carroll and Buchholtz (2014), “stakeholder theory is a theory of business ethics and organizational management that addresses values and morals of managing organizations.” Therefore, stakeholder management theory evaluates the relationships between an organization and others in its external and internal environments. Besides, it allows companies to assess […]

Pfizer Allergan Merger competitive advantages

Pfizer Allergan Merger Pfizer Allergan Merger. Large companies merging are strategic moves to create competitive advantages. Oligopoly theory provides the framework that firms in oligopoly industry must adopt in order to establish sustainable mergers. Oligopoly theory lies in the hearts of industrial organizations as it provides information about firms’ interdependence. Thus, oligopoly theory allows companies […]

Keeping Employees Productive Motivation Mystery

Motivation Mystery and Keeping Employees Productive Motivation Mystery and Keeping Employees Productive Keeping Employees Productive. Employees Productive. In the modern corporate business environment, a positive workplace can motivate employees to a great extent. Happy employees are more productive which result in increased company profitability. According to Hull (2013), “motivated employees can always make all the […]

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