Leadership and Organizational Conflict Models

 Topic: Leadership and Organizational Conflict  Leadership and Organizational Conflict Discuss Fiedler’s original Model of Leadership and then compare this with his later development of Cognitive Resource Theory. What type of leader characteristic (more intelligent versus more experienced) is most suited for high-stress incidents? What type of leader (more intelligent versus more experienced) is best suited […]

Diverse Students Early Childhood Education

Diverse Students Early Childhood Education Diverse Students. The term diverse-students refers to learners from ethnically, racially, culturally and linguistically diversified backgrounds, students with special needs as well as learners from a lower than average social-economic class (Parris et al., 2018). An all-inclusive classroom, therefore, calls for teachers to devise and implement strategic approaches to ensure […]

High Black infant mortality rates

High rates of black infant among blacks High Black infant mortality rates. Stress is one of the factors that contribute to poor maternal outcomes as evidenced by the high rates of infant mortalities of African American origin. Stress is a constituent pattern of emotional maladaptation. Individuals affected by stress are incapable of emotionally adjusting to […]

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