Pfizer Allergan Merger competitive advantages

Pfizer Allergan Merger Pfizer Allergan Merger. Large companies merging are strategic moves to create competitive advantages. Oligopoly theory provides the framework that firms in oligopoly industry must adopt in order to establish sustainable mergers. Oligopoly theory lies in the hearts of industrial organizations as it provides information about firms’ interdependence. Thus, oligopoly theory allows companies […]

Community corrections Programs

Community Corrections Community Corrections. A community correction is a program to supervise an offender outside of prison or jail. Courts and agencies administer the program with legal power and authorities in order to enforce sanctions in case the offender fails to follow the guiding instructions. A community correction is an action such as probation as […]

Largest Minority Group in the US

Largest Minority Group in the US. African Americans Largest Minority Group in the US . African Americans have a total number in the US of 45.7 million, 13.5 percent of the total US population (US Census Bureau 2016, p.3). The growth rate of African Americans according to the population project (2014) is 0.9 percent, and […]

Ethical and legal issues in nursing

Ethical and legal issues in nursing Ethical and legal issues in nursing. The federal and state authorities make and amend bill into laws that relate to healthcare. Laws provide the framework under which health care services are provided (Sinclair, 2016). The following essay discusses the New Jersey Abortion Bill from different subtopics. Describe and discuss […]

ACA affordable care act committees

  ACA affordable care act. The ACA affordable care act from its inception to the implementation stage   The ACA affordable care act . The legislative process. 1. What committees and subcommittees have jurisdiction over this issue? Do they fight over turf? When disputes arise, how are they resolved? Is the issue multi-jurisdictional? Is that […]

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