Community corrections Programs

Community Corrections Community Corrections. A community correction is a program to supervise an offender outside of prison or jail. Courts and agencies administer the program with legal power and authorities in order to enforce sanctions in case the offender fails to follow the guiding instructions. A community correction is an action such as probation as […]

Industrial Revolution and agriculture dominance

The Industrial Revolution marked the end of agriculture dominance Industrial revolution. The industrial revolution improved the material wealth and ended the agriculture dominance as well as initiating significant social changes in the way people used to live. For instance, the daily working environment changed dramatically, turning the West into an urban civilization. Also, new schools […]

Nursing Care Models for nursing practice settings

Nursing Care Models for different nursing practice settings Nursing Care Moels for different nursing practice settings.¬†Different nursing care models are appropriate in different nursing practice settings. A nursing model is a set of guidelines for the organization of nursing personnel in the provision of care suitable for the environment and organization systems. There are several […]

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