Genetic Counseling benefits

Genetic Counseling benefits Genetic Counseling. Introduction Genetic Counseling. Diabetes mellitus is considered a lifetime condition which inhibits the body’s capability to regulate metabolic glucose levels. It is divided into two categories that are; diabetes mellitus type 1 and type 2. Symptoms of type 1 occur after the destruction and damage of cells found within the pancreas […]

 Nursing Clinical Roles Ethical, legal, and Regulatory Responsibilities

 Nursing Clinical Roles Nursing Clinical Roles. Nurses have ethical and legal responsibilities in the provision of care to patients. Evidence-based practice is beneficial to nursing practice in several ways. The care for hypertensive patients in geriatrics care is different from the care of adult patients diagnosed with hypertension. Specific research-based approaches to the prevention of […]

Nursing a Patient with Angina Patient’s Data

 Nursing a Patient with Angina. Patient’s Data. Nursing a Patient with Angina. Nursing problem one: Impaired Oxygen Supply to Cardiac Muscle Nursing a Patient with Angina. The patient in the case scenario presents with symptoms suggesting reduced oxygen supply to cardiac muscles. Mrs. Brown in the case scenario presents reports two episodes of chest pain. One […]

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