Nursing Clinical Roles Ethical, legal, and Regulatory Responsibilities

 Nursing Clinical Roles Nursing Clinical Roles. Nurses have ethical and legal responsibilities in the provision of care to patients. Evidence-based practice is beneficial to nursing practice in several ways. The care for hypertensive patients in geriatrics care is different from the care of adult patients diagnosed with hypertension. Specific research-based approaches to the prevention of […]

Corrections Leadership and Management 

Corrections Leadership and Management Organization barriers to change (Corrections Leadership and Management) Management is the process of working through and with teams, groups and individuals and other resources to accomplish organizational goals or objectives. Leadership is a continuous process which occurs anytime in an organization of correction environment in an attempt to influence the behavior […]

Physical Assessment Analysis essay

Physical Assessment Analysis essay Physical Assessment Analysis essay. The following are the findings of head to toe physical examination on a 50 years old male with a history of gastro-esophageal reflux disease (GERD) and esophageal hernia. The patient weighs 270 pounds and has a height of 9feet and 5inches, thus has a body mass index of […]

Role of an Advanced Practice Nurse

The Role of an Advanced Practice Nurse. Clinical and Non-clinical Roles of Nurses The Role of an Advanced Practice Nurse. One of the advanced roles of a practice nurse is to carry out a comprehensive assessment of patients presenting with complex signs and symptoms and making an appropriate diagnosis. The practice nurse carries out detailed […]

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