CDC school funded program

CDC school funded program. Centre for Disease Control (CDC) school-funded program.

CDC school funded program. Find a program developed to provide health promotion and education to a specific population. Evaluate this program on its ability to identify with the specific population, on its implementation of effective intervention methods, and on its program planning strategy. This evaluation will be very broad in scope and not as in-depth as your research assignment. Review three peers’ postings, access the program links, and compare your assessment to theirs? What additional insights do you have? Health Promotion

School funded program
School funded program

CDC school funded program

Health promotion focuses on enabling populations to have control over their health, therefore, leading to the improvement of health status. Health promotion focuses on socioeconomic and environmental interventions and involves participation and health education. Health education involves raising awareness, giving health education to individuals that will empower them to make decisions on health issues (Valera, Vigués, Andrés, Peral, Berenguera, & Fernández, 2014).

The link to the program reviewed is (

The health promotion program is a Centre for Disease Control (CDC) school-funded program. The program focused on nutrition for healthy living and the promotion of growth and development. The targeted population was school going children. According to CDC, children consume half of their daily calories during their six hours of stay in school, and thus a program focused on nutrition is appropriate for the population (CDC, 2018).

All school going children were eligible to participate. The children were served with fruits, vegetables, and milk. Meals to be served had to meet nutritional requirements. In planning, nutritious and appealing food was provided, incorporating parents’ and students’ opinions on which food they prefer to be served. Students were allocated enough time to eat (CDC, 2018).

My peers evaluated a program on the prevention of obesity. The aim of a health program should be included in the analysis. The analysis by my peer describes that school is an ideal setup in preventing obesity among school going children. Additionally, the activities of the program should be linked to the target population (CDC, 2018). According to my peer’s analysis, education, physical activity, and nutrition services included the services of nutrition professionals, teachers, and parents on how to access healthy foods. Order a similar paper from us today.

Centre for Disease Control (CDC) school-funded program. References

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