Keeping Employees Productive Motivation Mystery

Motivation Mystery and Keeping Employees Productive

Motivation Mystery and Keeping Employees Productive

Keeping Employees Productive. Employees Productive. In the modern corporate business environment, a positive workplace can motivate employees to a great extent. Happy employees are more productive which result in increased company profitability. According to Hull (2013), “motivated employees can always make all the difference in a successful company” and create a competitive edge for business organizations. Many studies have shown the relationship between employee satisfaction and perception to the success of a company.

Keeping Employees Productive
Keeping Employees Productive

Keeping Employees Productive, incentives.

Various incentives explain the motivation mystery and companies to keep employees productive. Bonuses are one of the main incentives that keep employees motivated and productive. Workers generally respond to bonuses and other forms of monetary incentives as a strategy to reward vast performance (Hull, 2013). Also, perks improve employees’ productivity such as office parties, half days, and casual days at the offices as well as social activities outside the offices. Moreover, work environment amenities such as a cafeteria, daycare centers or gym are strategic incentives for workers to attend duties correctly through improved focus. Besides, career development opportunities and education incentives make employees more effective through added skills and improved loyalty. It is also important to establish positive recognition strategy for jobs well done. This is because it provides positive reinforcement. Programs that recognize employees keep them motivated and more productive to their daily duties (Stovall & Hull, 2018).

Keeping Employees Productive, motivating employees

Besides motivating employees, it is essential to keep them happy in order to improve their performance and productivity. This is because unhappy employees are hard to keep them motivated. Companies should focus on creating a corporate culture that builds loyalty and keeps employees happy (Hull, 2013). Therefore, I believe motivating employees is a great approach, but keeping them happy is the real secret and strategic approach to improving their productivity. Thus, it is crucial for companies to create a workplace with all the necessary things to keep employees happy and have fun while doing their duties. In summary, companies should establish the right combination of motivation and incentives as well as a positive workplace that keeps employees more productive and happy. Contact us for an essay like this one.

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