Management of Workflow II Project 1Automation

Introduction Automation of production or a process can save a company time and money, in terns of effort, as well as reduced

rework.There are opportunities to increase productivity and efficiency all around us, and not all forms of automation are necessarily

high tech, extremely complex, or expensive.

Reflect on an instance or procedure from your internship (I WORKED IN A PRINTING COMPANY FOR NEWSPAPER) ,or PRINTING related work

experience,that you think could be improved upon by implementing some form of automation. Explain the current scenario,and why it could

benefit from automation.

Research an automation technology or technique that could be used to increase the overall productivity or efficiency of the process or

This could be as sophisticated and high tech as a robotic manufacturing line, or as low tech as software ‘scripts’ to speed up a

specific process.
How can this specific technology help in this situation specifically and how can it be used in similar situations?

Identify and speak to any potential drawbacks to your suggestions.Create an implementation plan for your specific scenario.
How would you as the project manager go about integrating this into the workflow?

Create a simple cost analysis of this implementation (return on investment -how much time/money would it save vs. the costsof

installing the technology).

Include an estimated timeline for installing and integrating this technology into the existing workflow (think Gantt chart).
State any assumptions made with regards to time for processes, and labour rates.Don’t forget training and support for whoever is using

the automation, as necessary
1100 word
Notes & Checklist•
•1100 words in length
•Reflect and explain a scenario that could benefit from automation
•Research an automation technology that could be used to increase productivity or efficiency
o How can this technology be used in this situation?
o How can this technology be used in similar situations?
o What are the potential drawbacks for using it?

•Create and implementation plan for your specific scenariooHow would you integrate this into the workflow?
o Create a simple cost analysis of this implementation–state any assumptions
o Include and estimated timeline for installation and integrating this technology

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