servlet coffee shop locator

In this assignment you are to create a coffee shop locator servlet. Your servlet should be located at:

As usual, substitute XX with your CS3 account number.

Your servlet should exhibit the following behavior:

A GET request with no parameters should display a search form. Your search form should have the following form elements:
An INPUT of type text with name query
A SELECT with the name type
The OPTIONs of the SELECT should be: Location, City, and Zip
A POST request should display the search form, with sticky values, along with the search results in a table.
Your table should have an id results.
Your search results will be a list of coffee shops that match the search criteria.
To be valid, a POST request must always contain two parameters: query and type.
Acceptable values for the type parameter are: location, city, and zip. NOTE: These values are case sensitive.
A description of each search type is listed below.
Location Search
When the User selects Location from the drop-down select box on the search form, you should expect a latitude/longitude pair to

be present in the search form.
For example, a User would enter 33.9733, -118.244 into the search box. Your servlet will be responsible for parsing the

latitude and longitude values out of the submitted value.
Your servlet can assume a default search radius of 10 miles.
Your servlet will then report a list of all coffee shop locations that are within the search radius Using the Great Circle

Distance formula outlined at
City and Zip Code Search
When the User selects City or Zip form the drop-down select box, you should expect a city name (or partial name), or a zip code

to be submitted as the query.
NOTE: Your servlet should support partial matches when searching city names, and should be case insensitive. Do not, however,

allow partial matches for zip code searches.
A coffee shop location should be reported when the city, or zip code is a match.
Data Source
Your data source will be a CSV file located in your /WEB-INF/ directory
also telphone number and address need to be shown

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