semester project the roots of conflict.

semester project the roots of conflict.

In the previous unit you overviewed many conflicts. In this assignment you will research two of the following three conflicts, and then compare and contrast the root causes of each conflict. Present your findings in the form of a research paper. Then design a chart to illustrate the similarities and differences in the root causes of the two conflicts.
The two are the following conflicts to research and compare:
• Northern Ireland
• The Balkans

Address the following questions in your project:
• Who are the people involved in each conflict?
• What is the root of each conflict? How have the conflicts evolved over time?
• What are the cultural similarities and differences between the people on both sides of each conflict?
• What attempts have been made to resolve each conflict at both a local and international level? What international organizations were involved? Did those attempts succeed or fail? Why?
• How do you think each conflict can be resolved?
• What is similar and what is different between the two conflicts you selected?
• What insight do these two conflicts give you in regards to conflict in general?

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