Handout for Assignment 1

Choose an artwork by a Canadian artist from the Vancouver Art Gallery and write a visual analysis of 750 – 1000 words. Please use Times New Roman Font, 12 font size, double-spaced.
In the analysis you must describe the formal qualities (artist, title of work, date, style/art movement, color, shape, texture) and reflect on the work of art (raise questions, think critically) on how it relates to the Canadian art content and themes discussed in class and the textbook.Consider the historical context of the work of art. Create a thesis statement about the work of art.
Please see the visual analysis handouts from January 17th class as well as the AHIS 1119 guide online at https://langara.ca/library/research-help/assignment-help/art-history/_ahis1119.html
Research: Please cite two articles and one general reference (example: Oxford Art Online Grove Art Online, Canadian Encyclopedia) in your assignment.
Citation format: Chicago Style.
Please include three terms (from the Weekly Terms posted on D2L) in your assignment.
To complete the assignment, take a selfie with the work of art and include in the appendix.
Please hand in a hard copy to me at the Museum of Anthropology on February 7thbetween the class hours of 10:30 – 1:20. Late submissions will be docked 5% per day.

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