Problematic Drugs

Problematic Drugs
Compare and contrast the following, by addressing all three subquestions in your initial post:

For week 1 of Module 3 (this is week 5 of class), please address this question. We will address the second question for Module 3 in week 2 (week

6 of class).

In your opinion what do a majority of adolescents believe are the most problematic (problem causing) drugs to use? What do they base their

opinions upon?
What do you think their parents or guardians identify as the most problematic drugs to use? Why do they think this is true?
What do you believe to be the most problematic drug(s) for adolescents? What do you base this opinion upon?
Please remember to respond to at least two other people’s postings. All posts must be thoughtful and relevant.

Some Best Practices for effective online discussion:

Do not simply state “I agree” or share a personal story about yourself or others.
Make your reply relevant and connect to the specific course readings or peer-reviewed research studies you have read
Focus on specific details from your reading, a case study, an additional article you read, etc. that can enrich your discussion post and

generate new questions
A well written discussion post should provide fellow students with the opportunity to reflect deeply, to reflect on their experience, to

research and analyze your ideas, and expand upon your initial ideas or questions.

please read full instruction for class
(2017FA1-CHS-253854-01) Adolescence and Addictions

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