”Johnny got his gun”

book ”Johnny got his gun” by Dalton Trumbo
1.Summarize Trumbo’s arguments against war in Chapter 10. Refute them.
2. An important part of Trumbo’s argument is the persona he creates to tell his story. Describe the persona. How does he craft this persona to

make his argument more effective ?
3.Select a moment where Stream of Consciousness has a particularly powerful effect. How does this effect fit into one of Trumbo’s larger

4.Dalton Trumbo chooses to use punctuation inconsistently throughout the novel. Pick a moment when his use of unconventional ( or conventional )

punctuation is particularly conspicuous. What is the effect of his punctuation and how does this effect fit into one of Trumbo’s larger

purposes? [Note: you will notice that areas that are least conventionally punctuated are richest in rhetorical devices.]
5.What are Trumbo’s major and minor purposes in writing this book?

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