High heel shoes advantages and disadvantages

High heel shoes. Advantages and disadvantages of high heel shoes

High heel shoes. Introduction

High heel shoes. High heel shoes have been termed as inseparable with women for over a thousand of years. Nevertheless, wearing high heels has a number of advantages and disadvantages as this paper seeks to explore.


high heel shoes
high heel shoes


  1. Tall look

Many women feel more attractive when they have a taller appearance. High heel shoes are a solution for women who love to look taller, ranging from one to six inches. The variety of high heel shoes offers women different heights which suit their particular needs and preferences. Heels have a way of making a woman become instantly taller and making her legs appear longer as well.

  1. Style (high heel shoes)

High heels have a way of making women to exude a sense of style to their overall physical appearance. High heel shoes accompanied with a mini-skirt or dress makes a woman very attractive. In addition to style, high heels generally appeal to the eye and draw a lot of attention. A pair of high heels also adds a sense of style in the way one walks.

  • Slimmer physique (high heel shoes)

According to an online article titled “Advantages and Disadvantages of Wearing Heels,” high heels give women a slimmer physique as they make the body to respond by arching the back outwards and pressing the chest forward. This contrast helps the woman to have an illusionary smaller waist. Further, heels have a way of creating an illusion for a slimmer body. Depending on the height of the heel one chooses, the calves adjust according to the height changes caused by the shoes. Accordingly, the calves tend to tighten when one walks. With time, there will be more muscle and lesser fat in the calves. Women who love wearing short skirts and dresses look more gorgeous in heels.

  1. Complementary to clothes

High heels play a very important complementary role to one’s outfits. Pencil high heels go well with tunics or minis while conical or box heels blend perfectly with corporate wear. Platform heels match well with wide bottom jeans or trousers to give one a striking look. A woman who wants to show off her pair of heels and look taller wears it with long skirts or saris.

  1. Boosts confidence (high heel shoes)

While wearing a pair of high heels significantly alters a woman’s appearance, nothing is as important as the way a good heel can boost one’s self-confidence. High heels make petite people to feel more authoritative particularly in a group full of tall people. High heel shoes also enable women to change outfits comfortably without feeling inconvenienced to make footwear changes. One will be comfortable and confident with the thought of being stylish and attractive whether at work or during casual after-work events.


  1. Foot pain

Wearing high heels causes foot pain to most women. After a whole day of wearing uncomfortable heels and walking in them, one is likely to suffer from foot pains. This is because the whole pressure of the body is concentrated in the feet. Eventually, one can experience pains in the heel, arch, sole or toes.

  1. Difficulty in walking (high heel shoes)

High heels pose walking difficulties to many women. It is very painful to walk or standing for longer times in heels as they exert a lot of pressure on the feet. Heels can also make a woman to change her way of walking and look strained or wired. High heels increases the chances of one loosing balance or falling due to the difficulties experienced when walking.

  • Back pain (high heel shoes)

Wearing heels can cause back pains due to the fact that they exert a lot of pressure on the lower back (Curtis, par. 4). No matter the way of walking, there are high chances for experiencing back pains unless one engages in regular exercises and yoga.

  1. Yellowing and misshapenness (high heel shoes)

The concentration of pressure and body weight on the feet makes them to harden and develop yellow patches. High heels are also notorious for causing misshapenness of the feet. Women whose feet have yellow patches or misshapenness are not very confident to walk in open shoes and sandals, which are commonly won during summer periods. This will ultimately lead to embarrassment and the need for the woman to cover the yellow patches. One can avoid these side effects by massaging the feet regularly with cream or oil and maintaining proper care for the feet.

  1. Leg sprain

High heels are regarded as the major cause for leg sprain in women. A woman may experience leg sprain if she is not used to wearing high heels on a regular basis. To avoid leg sprains, one should walk slowly and take caution when wearing heels.


Women wear high heel shoes due to the numerous advantages attached to them such as enhancing the height, boosting the sense of style, giving the woman a slimmer physique, complementing a woman’s clothes and generally boosting ones self-confidence. Despite all these advantages, wearing heels also has a number of disadvantages which may be very costly to the woman. The most conspicuous disadvantages include foot pains, difficulty in walking, back pains, yellowing and misshapenness and leg sprain. Place an order with us today for a quality essay.

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