Syria: Using Hunger As a Weapon of War

Syria: Using Hunger As a Weapon of War


1-Legal structure Argumentative paper talk about using "hunger as a weapon of war in syria. to make the people surrender. this topic is related to "starving a population for political reasons"
2- I need a legal question and analysis related to this issue.
3- citation is very important and the writer has to cite Every Sentence or Idea in the footnote in BlueBook style. (more is better)
4- the paper has to be persuasive and creative.
5- analyzing whether or not Assad is responsible of committing crimes when he used "hunger as a weapon of war". if yes which crime does he commit and whats the elements of this crime. moreover, what is the way to bring him to justice (ICC) taking to the account that he has immunity.
6- use some cases which has happened before in the history of conflicts and how the courts dealt with it under the international human right law.
I have four 4 more days after getting an extension.
suggestion sections of the paper:
– introduction: introduction include the problem , the legal questions that the paper will address, thesis statement and the road map of the paper.
The body: the body might has 3-4 sections adressing the problem – including the history and analyzing the problem and applying the rules to the fact. cases as described above etc.
– conclusion.


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