My own film based on Sherman Alexie’s “Lone Ranger and Tonto Fist fight

My own film based on Sherman Alexie’s “Lone Ranger and Tonto Fist fight in Heaven


Here are some instruction from the Professor:
There are two main characters: Victor and Thomas chose one of them and frame like a Movie.

Questions to ask yourself while picturing your film based on Sherman Alexie’s "The Lone Ranger And Tonto Fist Fight In Heaven."
1-Who is your film focusing on? Do you have specific characters in mind? If so, what role do they play?
2-Does anything else act like a character? Setting? Theme? Symbol?Think about how something might be consistent throughout the film- as a driving force or an antagonistic one.
3-Setting is important think about how you would use it to convey your story best.
4-Think about your use of time: Is your story told in a clear, linear fashion?Is there a clear beginning, middle, and end?If so, do you use flashbacks? what keeps the structure of the film?You should figure out if you want a linear story or a lot of movement through different places and times.
5-Also, you need to know if you have one main story line and the other stories are weaving in or out of it, or if you are using a particular theme to drive the story-Alcoholism, dancing, storytelling, hunger/food, the reservation,visions etc.
6-What are the main ideas you want to convey? which characters bring to life your story as you go?Which episodes? How can you bring them into your main focus?
7-How much would you have told through some sort of narration or is it all dialogue?
8-Try to describe your setting and characters in detail-not dialogue-yet, you can point to a few lines in each scene to let yourself know what is happening, but then think how it would translate into visual form.
9-Always ask youself what is the purpose of this scene?How does it relate to the whole picture?

Frame the story about Victor or Thomas like a Movie.
Put together different stories. Describe scenes how they look imaging a film vision. How you visualize the stories. Clear Plot. How it could happen in the screen, this is about interpretation. Vision that you get (Metaphor) Create something that capture feelings. Capture the feeling of the book. How do you capture the emotion of the film. Describe how the scene look like (Not dialogue, not what they say.)
What main action take place? How do you want it to end? who will be in the last scene?
Anyone-or is everything quit? Is there hope or sadness?

Reference book: The Lone Ranger And Tonto FistFight In Heaven. By Sherman Alexie.


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