Students with the Disability Autism in the Australian Classroom

Students with the Disability Autism in the Australian Classroom
The report Question:

You are to write a report style paper which involves a student with a disability who is in your year 4 Australian class. The disability type is Autism and, you will need to develop your report surrounding the disability Autism.
You need to review the contemporary literature, surrounding your chosen disability and
develop a report style paper which reveals the impact of this disability. How would you
and the school community support your chosen student in the context of your chosen
disability? As the teacher of this student – you would need to consider issues such as:

(i) Barriers to successful inclusion

(ii) How you communicate with this student (i.e. the need to make sure they can understand – use appropriate vocabulary and terminology, ensure your comments will not be taken as discriminatory or offensive, check that your body language is

(iii) The resources you use (consider whether they are suitable for the specific learners’

(iv) The teaching methods you employ (make sure that this learner can participate and
that the teaching methods you use are varied and support all learning styles);

(v) The environment (does this give your learner the opportunities they need? Are all
students in your class being included? e.g. you may need to consider accessibility and
safety especially for people with sensory disabilities or lack of mobility). and;

(vi) Other issues you consider to be important
In your response to these questions, you are expected to demonstrate:

• Understanding of the main concepts and important issues, by reference to your
• Educational application through the inclusion of illustrative examples from the
literature or your own experiences.
• Evidence of wider reading
• Your report should be set out in a logical way, and should include and title page, table
of contents, abstract, and headings and sub headings throughout.

MUST reference their work appropriately, using intext citation and include a Reference List at the conclusion of the paper. Responses must be typed and conform to the written
expectations associated with a short essay at University level of expression. Assignments must be written using third person language and using the APA 6th ed referencing style. Complete the report following exact instructions of the order.


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