Essential Questions of the Contemporary Period

Essential Questions of the Contemporary Period

ISBN Number: 978-0-133-66655-7
Prentice Hall Literature: The British Tradition
P.H. Staff 2010 Ed.09
• Essential Questions of the Literary Period: A Time of Rapid Change, pp. 1126–1132

Your choice of reading selections from pp. 1138–1466
Create an Excel spreadsheet or a table in Word pairing the “Essential Questions of the Contemporary Period” with concepts and authors.
Using the spreadsheet on page 1134 in PHL as an example, complete an Excel spreadsheet or table in Word for the “Essential Questions”:
• What is the relationship between place and literature?
• How does literature shape or reflect society?
• What is the relationship of the writer to tradition?
Choose 10 reading selections, concepts, and authors that help to answer each “Essential Question.” You should have a total of 10 reading titles, concepts, and authors for each essential question, totaling 30 items in your spreadsheet or table.
Your spreadsheet or table headings must include the following:
• Essential Questions
• Title of Reading Selection
• Author
• Key Concepts
Grading Criteria (50 points total)
Your spreadsheet or table will be evaluated as follows:
• Completeness of spreadsheet or table (10 points)
• Organization of spreadsheet or table (10 points)
• Support of key concepts (30 points)

Choose one of the above “Essential Questions” and write a 3–5 page essay answering the proposed question. Use the selections on your spreadsheet as examples and refer to these throughout your essay.
• Be sure to develop a strong thesis and support this throughout your essay. Cite using MLA throughout your essay.
• Additional resources beyond the text may be used, but must be cited appropriately.
• A works cited page must accompany your essay. The works cited page does not count toward the 3–5 page requirement.
Be sure your essay includes an introduction and clear thesis statement, developing paragraphs in support of your thesis throughout your essay, and a concluding paragraph. Every Paragraph has to have 7 sentences in it.
Grading Criteria (50 points total)
Your essay will be evaluated as follows:
• Introduction/thesis (5 points)
• Support and examples used; correct MLA citations (15 points)
• Development of claims (5 points)
• Sentence structure/mechanics (5 points)
• Organization of ideas/cohesiveness (5 points)
• Conclusion (5 points)
• Works cited (10 points)

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