statistic paper

The assignment is worth 380 points. You can email me the documents

The paper will consist of 2 parts. Each part will be worth 190 points

Part 1: Testing a hypothesis: You will find a claim by a current manufacturer. You will then find sample data from a chosen population

and test their claim (hypothesis). I.E. “The claim by Carefree Sugarless gum is that 4 out of 5 dentists recommend Carefree Sugarless

Gum”. For this paper, you would conduct a survey of dentists, asking them whether they recommend it or not. You will then analyze the

results and run a hypothesis test to support or reject the claim and elaborate on the results.

To analyze you will find:

1. The mean

2. The Variance

3. The Standard Deviation

4. Identify any unusual or very unusual numbers in the data set (If applicable)

5. Perform a hypothesis test on the claim and interpret the results

Scoring for this section will be as follows:

a. Manufacturer’s Claim and Citation: 30 points (zero points if no citation)

b. Data and Citation: 30 points (zero points if no citation or documentation)

c. Excel chart and Data analysis (Mean, Variance, Standard Deviation, and unusual or very unusual numbers): 50 points

d. Hypothesis test on claim (Null and alternate hypothesis stated, test run): 50 points

e. Interpretation of results: 30 points

Part 2: Data and data analysis. You will need a set of data – there must be some kind of suspected cause and effect relationship

between two variables. The data must be real and have it’s source cited in APA format. For example, “I think the number of alcoholic

drinks consumed effects the risk for auto accidents”. You would collect data about this and use excel to calculate the correlation

coefficient and a website to calculate the equation of the line of regression.

With the set of data you will calculate:

1. The correlation coefficient, and use a hypothesis test to support or reject any significant correlation.

2. The equation of the line of regression

You will then write up the results in 1 or 2 paragraphs explaining any significant correlation or lack of significant correlation.

Scoring for this section will be as follows:

a. Your claim (about the correlation between 2 things): 20 points

b. The data used to test the claim and citation: 30 points (zero points if no citation)

c. Excel chart and correlation coefficient: 50 points

d. Scatter plot and equation of regression line: 30 points

e. Test for significant correlation: 30 points

f. Interpretation of results of the significance test: 30 points

The papers should be about 2-3 pages each. You can make tables in Word or in Excel, then cut and paste them over to Word. You can

make one word document, and attach it and your excel files in an email to submit. Ask me for any clarification and also to make sure

your ideas will complete the assignment. Some students have submitted papers on the due date that weren’t correct so they got little

to no points.

Rasmussen Reports Website

This site can help you find a claim to test for your paper!

Click link to open resource. Website

This can be useful to find data for the correlation part of your term paper

Click link to open resource.

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