Sensor Types and Their Capabilities

Sensor Types and Their Capabilities
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Assignment Instructions

For either COMINT or ELINT, please use UNCLASSIFIED resources only (and attach citations to demonstrate the unclassified source) to research the variety of sensors, sensor suites, systems, and platforms used for the collection of intelligence. This assignment is not so much a paper but a research and discovery activity in which you are asked to explore all the capabilities that exist in the US inventory.

You are not required to limit yourself to US inventory. You can elect to focus on foreign COMINT or ELINT if you choose. Finally, you are welcome to choose whether you want to use older COMINT or ELINT systems around which there is voluminous historical literature or you can choose contemporary systems. It is up to you.

Provide at least nine (there are a LOT more) systems, sensors, and platforms for either COMINT or ELINT. Discuss their capabilities, their operating characteristics, how they are employed, and what information they provide to the intelligence community. It is important to include real-life examples of how these COMINT or ELINT systems have been employed. Please do not choose more than two Unmanned Aerial Vehicles (UAVs).

Each response should be 200-250 words (.75 to 1 page in length). No images

Please remember that not everything is military. People have a tendency to default to military or Army or some service’s systems. Or maybe NRO or CIA. But collection of COMINT and ELINT goes beyond military needs. It includes civilian federal intelligence, federal and local law enforcement.

Use variety in platforms selection, not just military. Variety demonstrates broader knowledge.

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