Los Angeles’ parking requirements (Urban Planning)

Los Angeles’ parking requirements (Urban Planning)
Paper details

*This paper will cover a particular policy relevant to the place you’ve chosen. You should consider:
1) The history of that policy: Why was the policy implemented? Was it only implemented in this neighborhood/ municipality or was it a wider trend?
2) The effects: Is this policy meant to affect residents, businesses, workers, etc? What were those effects supposed to be, and can you see the evidence of it today? If it’s a recent policy, consider discussing the expected timeline for its impacts.
3) Good or bad? Use your judgement. Let us know what you think about the policy, and how effective it is as a tool.
** The writer must read “Paper writing guide” I uploaded. Based on the guide, the writer must follow the format and concepts from the guide. In addition, this paper must be organized well with the proper thesis. I want the writer to put his/her personal thoughts and opinion objectively.
** I also upload the previous paper which has the feedback from the professor so that the writer can see what degraded the paper. Please be careful what the professor said on the previous order.
** Using the proper in-citation. Some writers came up with the in-citations with the wrong page numbers from the reading materials I uploaded. The writer must match the page numbers with the actual reading materials i uploaded when he/she uses the in-citation.
** No outside sources are allowed, except for some websites. You can use some primary source data which are “the national census, state or local government websites, environmental impact resort (EIRs), general or specific plans for cities, newspapers, government agency reports, etc”. There are a number of good websites to keep abreast of current planning issues: Planetizen, CityLab, Urban Land Institute, untapped cities, Urban Institute, American Planning Association, etc.
** The writer can also use the lecture notes (PPTs) i upload.
** The writer should read the writing tips from the “Paper writing guide” and follow the instructions.
Thank you and i will look forward to get the best work. If anything you don’t understand about this paper, feel free to contact with me. Thanks.

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