Relationship marketing for Yoox

Relationship marketing for Yoox

Project Description
Case Study Introduction
Relationship marketing for Yoox
YOOX Group S.p.A is an internet mail order retailer of men’s and women’s multibrand clothing and accessories. Established in Italy in 2000, is the leading virtual boutique of multi-brand fashion & design in the world with seven million unique visitors per month that make it their shopping destination of choice.

The company’s concept is to buy up overstocked or unsold items from previous seasons in "a direct relationship" from renowned fashion houses including Dolce & Gabbana, Diesel, Gucci and sell them online at discounted outlet prices.

Mono-brand stores
In addition to its eponymous web site, the company, through Yoox Services (formed in 2006), operates the full-price online stores of fashion houses Marni (launched in 2006), Emporio Armani (2007), Diesel (2007), Stone Island (2008), C.P. Company (2008), Valentino SpA (2008), Miss Sixty (2008), Costume National (2008), Energie (2008), Emilio Pucci (2008), Dolce & Gabbana (2009), Moschino (2009), Jil Sander (2009), Dsquared (2009), Bally Shoe (2009), Roberto Cavalli (2009), Napapijri (2010), Coccinelle (2010), Giuseppe Zanotti Design (2010), Alberta Ferretti (2010), Zeis House (2010), Maison Martin Margiela (2010), Ermenegildo Zegna (2010), Y-3 (2011), Brunello Cucinelli and Dirk Bikkembergs (2011), all of which are referred to as "powered by Yoox"
Multi-brand store (
In 2008, Yoox launched its full-price online menswear retail store The Corner featuring established designer brands and a selection of niche fashion labels from Italy and elsewhere. September 2009 saw the launch of womenswear at The Corner.

More information is available on the corporate site of the company.

Instructions to students
Task: This is an Individual Assessment
report on development of relationship marketing for Yoox

Prepare a project for the management of Yoox to keep up with the development of relationship marketing, including multichannel social media, mobile commerce and recommend a medium- to long-term strategy for relationship marketing of the company.?Critically analyse, using appropriate models
, how e-mail marketing could be affected by decreasing attention of the users towards this format especially as items sold and userbases get larger.

In particular, please consider:
?- 1)how mobile and e-mail marketing could be different in terms of product and editorial propositions;

– 2)how mobile applications could be improved to increase usage and conversions;

– 3)?- how the company could leverage on social media to boost mobile downloads and visits.

The assignment has been designed to allow you to develop and use your knowledge and skills in understanding key strategic and design issues relating to the retail sector. You will be required to apply the strategic concepts and analytical techniques studied in this module.

The key to success in this assessment is to use critical reflective skills to reflect on the impact of their understanding on the problem solving process. You must be critical in your analysis, evaluation and recommendations.

You must support the paper with specific academic text and journal references in the critical discussion.

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