Public Law

Public Law
Question : The rule of law is incompatible with parliamentary sovereignty. Discuss

This is a typical exam question. There are many articles that we have to read and discuss in the exam while answering the question and I don’t have much time left. I need a sample answer for this question. There is no need for citations or bibliography. However in the essay, please mention, “ According to X, Y argues that, in contrast Z said that” etc. I want a simple and clear language, and not too long sentences.
Those are the essentials of the sample answer that our lecturer said:
A good model for an introduction:
• First sentence: high-impact beginning that relates topic to broader theme.
• Second sentence: This question demands critical analysis (or similar) of the argument that (then paraphrase the question – put in your own words – don’t just repeat)
• Third sentence: This essay argues that (something that does not oversimplify the topic + shows that you understand the nature of the debate + subject matter to which it relates)
• Fourth sentence: Some indication of how the essay is going to proceed. (First, I set out the view that the sep of powers should be understood as x + or simply I define sep of powers. Secondly, I examine the impact of s4 of the HRA 1998 on the sep of powers etc…)
• Fifth sentence: Why does it matter? What is the question + your argument important?
Make sure that every body paragraph begins with an analytical topic sentence – which says: now I am going talk about x because x is relevant to the question and my argument in y way (ie it should start with your voice – not drab description).
Every paragraph should contain a mixture of well written description (x said y – statute z or case x ) and carefully calibrated analysis. Description is NEVER self-explanatory. You need to explain why you are rehashing boring things that everyone knows. Don’t think that you get credit for memorising boring facts and just writing them down. Every piece of description must be followed with your voice relating to the question and your argument.
Make sure that every body paragraph ends with analysis that brings the material discussed together and summarises your thought. It may appear that s 4 does x but actually as I have shown it does y.


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