Nursing Case Analysis paper

Nursing Case Analysis paper


Project description

In this assignment, you will l identify an ethical case or dilemma that you have personally been involved with or witnessed. Using the template below as your guide, you will write APA formatted paper addressing the ethical issue or dilemma.
1. Gather data and identify conflicting Moral claims
– What makes the situation and ethical problem? Are there conflicting obligations, duties, rights, morals, values, or beliefs
– What are the issues?
– What facts seem most important
– What emotions have an impact?
– What are gaps in information at the time?
2. Identify key participants/stakeholders
– Who is legitimately empowered to make this decision?
– Who is affected and how?
– What is the level of competence of the person most affected in the situation?
– What are the rights, duties, authority, context, and capabilities of the participants?
3. Determine moral perspective and phase of moral development of key participants
– Do participants think in terms of duties or rights?
– Do the participants involve exhibiting similar or different moral perspectives?
– Where is the common ground? The differences? What principles are important to each person involved?
– What emotions are evident within the interactions and with each person involved?
– What is the level of moral development of the participants?
4. Determine desired outcomes
– How does each party describe the circumstances of the outcome? In other words, what is their perspective of the desired outcome are they in agreement?
– What are the consequences of the desired outcome? “If X happens the consequences would be….”
– What outcomes are unacceptable to one or all involved? For example, not administering as treatment may be an outcome, BUT what it eh unacceptable desired outcome?
5. Identify options
– What are all of the options?
– How do the alternatives fit the lifestyle and values of the person(s) affected?
– What are the legal considerations of the various options?
– What alternatives are acceptable to those involved?
– How are alternatives weighed, ranked, and prioritized?
6. Act on choice-while you are reflecting on case that has already happened, this area if for you to tell which options you would select based on all the options you identified.
– Which choice do you think is the best? Thoroughly explain the reasons why you selected this choice.
– Keep n mind: be empowered to make a decision , give yourself permission to set aside less acceptable alternatives, be attentive to emotions involved in the process
7. Evaluate outcome of action- identify/evaluate how the dilemma was originally addressed…
– How was the dilemma originally addressed? Did this original decision resolve the dilemma? Did other dilemmas emerged related to the action? Where further actions required?
– Do you agree with how this dilemma was addressed? Yes or NO…. explain/defend your answer.
8. Identify the Ethical Principle(s) that are guiding the decision?
9. Which sections of the ANA Code of Ethics for Nurses apply to you case?
10. Grammar, punctuation, clarity of writing. APA format (Title page, references etc)
here is a link to the American Nurses Association Code of Ethics



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