Computer sciences and Information technology

Computer sciences and Information technology
Windows Server Deployment Proposal Rubric Paper


Project description
Design and Accuracy is important.

IP Addressing Scheme?. You will need to design an IP addressing scheme for a given scenario. This will include subnetting, network addresses, and routing information

You are a consultant for being brought in by IDLEWILD to assist with a merger with another company.
IDLEWILD is has the WAN links in place to the new locations in the Houston Region. IDLEWILD currently has 2 other Regions San Francisco and Denver. Originally, IDLEWILD was only in one region (San Francisco). The previous consultant did a poor job with the integration resulting in a poor IP address scheme as a result routing tables at the summarization points and at the San Francisco Campus are very large. In addition, no VLAN structure was developed to isolate broadcast traffic. There are 4 main departments in IDLEWILD: sales, finance, human resources, and research and development. Also, there has been some concern that the WAN transport was not able to accommodate the network traffic. Finally, all addresses in the network are statically assigned resulting in high administration overhead when changes are needed IDLEWILD would like this changed to lower administrative overhead.

Location Number of IP Addresses Required Address Block Assigned
San Francisco 1290
Denver Region
Denver Campus 441
Remote Office 1 28
Remote Office 2 35
Houston Region
Houston Campus 329
Remote Office 3 21


The document should be written in APA format and contain:
• Cover page
• Index Page
• Executive summary
? One page, provide a summary of the paper to include: purpose, plan, recommendations.
• Technical details (including any assumptions)
? Details that address all issues described above
? Completed IP addressing table (including summarized routes for the Denver and Houston regions),
? Updated network diagram and a conclusion.
• Conclusion
Reference page



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