Magical Realism, Surrealism, Dystopian Science Fiction, or Post-

Magical Realism, Surrealism, Dystopian Science Fiction, or Post-Modernism
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Research Essay:

In your first essay, you examined one text through the lens of satire. In your second, you compared the approaches of two different authors. In your final essay, you will expand the scope to look at one of the literary or artistic movements that we focused on in the second half of class: Magical Realism, Surrealism, Dystopian Science Fiction, or Post-Modernism. Your essay will combine theory and artistic analysis with research to compose an original essay based on your examinations of one of these movements.

This essay will provide you with a large degree of freedom in choosing your topic. Think of it as an opportunity to further explore something that has interested you in class. Some general topics you might explore: The influence of Surrealism on modern street art, the political impact of Magical Realism in Latin America, or what cultural changes are bringing a rebirth of modern dystopian SF works in 2014 with books like The Hunger Games . The topic is really up to you. I will be available to help you in beginning your research (for example, if you wanted to compare the Magical Realism of South America to Magical Realism in Africa I could suggest works for you to consider) but you will be doing the research yourself.

As this is a research essay, you will be conducting research using Baruch’s extensive library system. You will need to use a minimum of 5 sources, at least 4 of which must be works that were not assigned in class. At least 3 of these sources must also be critical or theoretical tests. Your essay will need to include a bibliography as well as in text citations using standard MLA guidelines. We will go over these in class.


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