hale and dorr , why PR matters

hale and dorr , why PR matters

no references required. please only use the information given from the attached files.

please read all the files attached and answer the below questions using the attached files information only. also please read the professor’s comments in red and blue colour in one of the files and answer the questions according to those questions as well.

please note that the file “Session 6” ae my answers. please make sure your answers are in line with them too.

please number each answer according to the related question written below.

Regarding the Market Structure of Legal Services in the USA……

1. What is the market structure for legal services in the US?

2. How is it changing in terms of Demand behaviour, how is it affecting the “supply” side?

3.What can players do, and how do they compete?

4.What do you think is Hale & Dorr´s sales strategy interconnected with their compensation policy and hiring system?

5. What are Burgess, Sherman and O´Reilly personal approach to sales, as described in Group B´s report?

In which way they differ from each other?

What seems to be the most effective?

Can these examples become “best practices” that could be transferred over the Firm?

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