Instructions for paper:

Section 1: (3 pages)

Include formal definitions of the concepts and citations (need 3 scholarly citations/references).

Answer all bullets

Systematic Analysis of Family of origin
•    Discussion and analysis of structural issues (can choose more than one):
o    Hierarchies, subsystems, alliances
o    Rules (spoken and unspoken)
o    Cohesion
o    Power
o    Attachment styles
o    Family myths
o    Communication style and pattern

•    Discussion and analysis of systems issues
o    Within family boundaries
o    System boundaries
o    Adaptability
o    Resources
o    Social networks
o    Environmental factors

•    Specific examples of structural and system qualities in the your family

Section 2: Thematic (3 pages)

Need 3 scholarly citations/references
Answer all bullets

•    Identification and summarization of familial theme from above section 1
•    Presentation of research of familial theme
•    Description of impact of familial theme on families in general
•    Description of impact of familial theme on your family of origin in particular
•    Specific examples of how theme impacted your family

Section 3: Evidence Based Search & Intervention (2 pages)

Need 3 scholarly citations/references

Find a evidence based practice to identify a family intervention that would be appropriate for addressing the theme or challenge that you researched in above sections.

Answer all bullets
•    Document EBP search for interventions for presenting issue from Section 1 & 2
•    Describe the chosen intervention including specific intervention techniques
•    Discuss if the chosen intervention would be appropriate for your family of origin

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