care : values and principles case study

outcome 1 investigate how care services meet the needs of individuals by:
1.1 analysing the needs of an individual using care services
1.2 explaining the role of the care planning process in identifying needs.
1.3 explaining the features of positive care practice ,including value and principles
1.4 analysing positive care environments and evaluating how they meet needs.
1.5 explaining the role of legislation in promoting a positive care environment.(Scotland )
outcome 2 you may present your findings via an information leaflet or booklet .
here you have to show you have carried out research and from this you can
evaluate the extent to which services meet the identified needs of an individual.
this should include ways it meets the identified needs and at least one way it doesn’t meet the identified needs.
explain ways in which current and specific legislation help promote a positive care environment for the individual. you need to refer

to specific pieces of legislation .
you must ensure to cover all of the points and findings must be presented in your own words with clear referencing used as required.
two resources required :book , care in practice /Janet Miller. Or any others resources from Scotland
internet resource/Scotland
the leaflet should be comparing between two services one is residential care and the other is homecare
the cause study is about sandy . she is 70 years old. she has three children , seven grandchildren and great grandson. she has lived

alone since her husband died from lung cancer ten years ago . it was so sad watching Billy suffer at the end , but her friends were

supportive of her . she is fortunate to have such good friends. although she has large family , she rarely sees them. Tommy and his

wife moved to Australia . Ronnie and his partner live in Germany, and Amie is in the south of England. sandy doesn’t blame them ; they

have to go where the work is , not like when she was young and there was plenty of work in work in this area. she does feel lonely

although she would never tell the family as there’s no point in making them feel guilty. she could have moved to Australia with Tommy,

but at her age she’ll just stay put! but her age is catching up with her. she has arthritis in the hips and knees, and being overweight

doesn’t help. so she has to use a walking stick to get about and it’s sometimes a struggle. she has to take pills for her high blood

pressure and to slow her heart down. it goes too fast . the doctor has told her to stop smoking as well, but what is the point after

all these years? of course that makes her breathless, especially when she has to climb the stairs to bed at night.
sandy has god false teeth and wears glasses . her hair is white although she dyes it, her skin is wrinkled, her back is stooped and her

ankles are swollen. every now and then she looks at the photographs of her when she was younger; Billy always told her that she was

beautiful. she was tall and elegant with lovely natural blond hair. when she compares what she was with what she looks like now, she

feels like crying. in those days she had so friends, she was popular and always had company. sandy and billy had a great social life.

every weekend there parties or functions, or else the bingo or a movie. but that’s all gone now.
perhaps one of the worse things is that she has start losing her memory. her mind used to be so sharp;she had always witty and could

answer all the questions on the game shows on television. she had been clever at school and loved reading books .now she is always

forgetting things. she sees people at the shops or at church and she knows the faces but cannot remember their names. it is

embarrassing when you are talking to the person and cannot even call them by their names. but the whole world is changing too fast.

sandy can’t keep up with the latest gadgets. her daughter asked her to email messages to her computer or to her telephone , but sandy

doesn’t understand how these things work. she can work her DVD player but struggles with the computer . the word are too small on the

screen, and with her arthritis, it is difficult for fingers to press the keys (although she used to be a typist and cold type very

well), so the computer is always switched off. her GP has arranged for the care manager to visit sandy today and assess what her needs

are as sandy is keen to stay at home.


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