Screening Tools and Therapeutic Interventions

Screening Tools and Therapeutic Interventions You have been asked by your agency to write a report on screening and treating potential clients for addictions. •Research screening tools and therapeutic interventions that are relevant to clients with particular characteristics such as gender, age, disabilities, culture, and physical handicaps. •Present a perspective of your choosing. ?Explain how […]

Radio Frequency Identification (RFID) Technology

Radio Frequency Identification (RFID) Technology Radio Frequency Identification (RFID) Technology; Why is RFID Technology better than Bar Code Technology? Answer: Radio Frequency Identification (RFID) Technology Radio Frequency Identification (RFID) Technology. Introduction There are high chances of RFID technology completely replacing traditional labeling technologies such as bar codes in the near future. This is because of […]

Elder Law Aged Care Act 1997 Australia

Elder Law Aged Care Act. Elder Law, Aged Care Act 1997 (Cth) PART A Elder Law Aged Care Act. You are employed in a legal firm specializing in Elder Law. Your client has a mother who has recently been diagnosed with dementia and is a resident in a residential aged care facility. Your client tells […]

Medical Testing of Prisoners, HIV infection in prisons

Medical Testing of Prisoners, HIV infection in prisons Medical Testing of Prisoners. Medical Experimentation: Another Tuskegee Study or Beneficial Research Medical Testing of Prisoners. Recent research has discovered that while HIV infection is relatively high in prison, the majority of those infected arrive at the prison with the disease. With a five times higher infection […]

My Sister’s Keeper Health Assessment

Health Assessment in My Sister’s Keeper Background My Sister’s Keeper. The film is centered around a couple and a girl named Kate. Kate has been diagnosed with leukemia. According to consultant doctors, the prognosis is poor. Kate’s guardians have welcomed the idea of duplicating Kate’s chromosomes through hereditary imagining to produce Anna(another child) with the […]

Health disparity among sexual minorities

Health disparity among sexual minorities Health disparity addressed The article addresses health disparity among sexual minorities; lesbians, gays, bisexual and transgender (LGBT) minorities. The article explores how sexual orientation among LGBT minorities negatively influences health outcomes (Trinh, Agénor, Austin, & Jackson, 2017).   The Benefits of the Information The article addresses the poor healthcare response […]

Perioperative Nursing Dilemma for carers

Topic: Perioperative Nursing Dilemma Perioperative Nursing Dilemma . What is your understanding of the dilemma of providing information to carers while considering the confidentiality concerns relating to the patient/client. Consider the ethical implications in your consideration of the issues. Perioperative Nursing, principle of confidentiality  The principle of confidentiality is centered on the trust between peri-operative nurses […]

Mental illness disabilities vulnerable population

Topic: Mental illness disabilities. Mental illness disabilities. Choose a vulnerable population: disabilities, homeless, rural/migrant health, or mental illness, and discuss the nature of the vulnerability in detail. Answer: Mental illness disabilities. Mental Illness Disabilities Mental illness causes distress and impairment of interpersonal, occupational and psychological functioning. The most common types of psychiatric disorders include; mood, eating, anxiety, […]

CDC school funded program

CDC school funded program. Centre for Disease Control (CDC) school-funded program. CDC school funded program. Find a program developed to provide health promotion and education to a specific population. Evaluate this program on its ability to identify with the specific population, on its implementation of effective intervention methods, and on its program planning strategy. This […]

Quality and Safety in healthcare core principles

 Topic: Quality and Safety in healthcare   Quality and safety are the core principles in health care that must be driven by information. This assessment task is designed to help you build skills in finding and understanding research evidence which can be used to improve nursing practice. 1.What impact can teamwork have on patient safety? 2.What […]

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