visuality in the film Bamboozled

visuality in the film Bamboozled


*****Watch the movie : Bamboozled, 2000

Mitchell argues that the film Bamboozled is an excellent “case for thinking through the nature of stereotypes and the critical and artistic strategies for dealing with them” (2004:300). He describes it as a meta-film, that is a “film about the very process by which race is pictured” (Ibid.,308).
Please watch the full length of Bamboozled, then ****select one or two images from the film. Discuss how Spike Lee’s strategy for contesting what Hall calls “a racial regime of interpretation” works in these images, ****paying particular attention to the role of the visual. How do racial stereotypes work in general, and how do the stereotypes in Bamboozled work in particular?
Your analysis should draw upon key concepts from Weeks One through Four, such as:
hegemony/counter-hegemony, discourse, representation, coding, semiotics (sign/signifier/signified, denotative/connotative meaning), stereotypes (negative, positive, reversed, inhabited), irony/satire/tragedy/moral ambiguity, the gaze, corporeal/racial epidermal schema, interpellation and discipline etc.
It is up to you which of these concepts you choose to use as tools for your analysis. Depth, accuracy and creativity matter more than the number of concepts employed.

*****no outside sources
*****You have to cite 5 sources by using the articles I attatched

Hall, The spectacle of the other in Representation (P254-264),(P269-275)
Mitchell, “In Living Color,” (P294 – 308)
Barthes, Myth Today (P43-52)

****additional prompt

1) Rough outline of one way (not the only way) to structure your paper.
– Intro (first or first & second paragraphs):
-What’s at stake here? What’s the topic of your paper?
-(You might want to briefly address Hall’s “The racial regime of representation”.
-What concept(s) from the prompt will you be talking about?

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