The problem with partnership

working is that staff prefer to work in silos’.
Discuss this title, drawing on evidence from theory, policy and practice.

As this is a critical review of the complexities of partnership working in relation to the title given, it is designed to test your

understanding and analysis by drawing on appropriate evidence , using the references supplied in the booklet including policy,

theoretical or conceptual issues and taking account of users and carers.

The marking criteria is as follows:
1.Referencing – 15%
2.Correct presentation and written expression – 10%
3.Critically discuss the factors that promote or hinder partnership working – 20%
4.Discuss and evaluate the central concepts of partnership and apply to practice context – 25%

5. Evaluate how different codes and organisational frameworks impact on partnership working with users and carers – 20%

Please use only the correct harvard referencing. I will upload the module handbook as this has many examples and also many references

that should be used throughout this assignment.

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