The Ministry of Justice policy on “Prisoner Communication Services”

The Ministry of Justice policy on “Prisoner Communication Services” (PSI 49/2011) prohibited prisoners in custody, including those on

temporary release from prison, from accessing social networking sites.
Outline the current domestic legislation which grants the executive power to pass policies detailing the treatment and rights of

prisoners, and discuss the relevance of the Human Rights Act 1998 and decisions of the European Court of Human Rights when interpreting

that legislation and those policies.
Critically assess the policy set out in PSI 49/2011 with reference to domestic and supranational legal sources as well as relevant

academic commentary.

Your answer should refer to relevant domestic case law, domestic legislation, relevant supranational law, and at least two academic

journal articles. You may refer to case law covered during workshop cycle 3 but you should also conduct independent research to locate

additional primary and secondary sources. Your essay should make it clear that you have a detailed and accurate understanding of the

ways in which sources of law relate to each other.

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