The light and dark of western domiance

1. Regarding Japan’s ultranationalists, which statement is false? A. They were strongly anti-Western. B. They rejected democracy. C. They supported big business. D. They were strongly anti-Communist. 2. In South America by 1914, _______ featured one the most cosmopolitan cities in the world. A. Argentina B. Venezuela C. Peru D. Chile 3. Regarding Mexico’s Porfirio Díaz, which statement is true? A. He freed many peasant farmers from debt peonage. B. He overthrew the Mexican Revolution of 1910. C. He enacted laws that favored wealthy elites. D. He reformed the hacienda system. 4. Which of these World War II battles established overall equality between the U.S. and Japanese naval powers? A. Battle of Midway B. Battle of Guadalcanal C. Battle of Leyte Gulf D. Battle of the Coral Sea 5. During the nineteenth century, immigrants from India to the new world usually ended up A. panning for gold. B. as indentured laborers. C. working on railroad construction. D. as domestic servants. 6. In 1868, General W. T. Sherman brokered the Treaty of Fort Laramie, declaring that the Dakotas would remain the ancestral territory of the A. Delaware, Shawnee, and Wyandot. B. Cherokee. C. Creek and Cherokee. D. Sioux and Cheyenne. 7. Who advocated a “counter-cyclical policy” after World War II that became a well-established weapon against depression? A. Herbert Hoover B. John Maynard Keynes C. Franklin Delano Roosevelt D. Leon Trotsky 8. What was the immediate result of the Balkan Wars of 1912 and 1913? A. Great Britain formed a defensive alliance with Russia. B. Serbian nationalism was dampened. C. The Archduke Ferdinand decided to visit Bosnia-Herzegovina. D. The Ottoman Empire lost its last European territories. 9. During World War I, the people of China and Japan A. supported the Central Powers. B. didn’t care who won the war. C. strongly opposed the war on moral grounds. D. supported the Triple Entente. 10. In Asia, in response to foreign incursions, where there was a long literary history, intellectuals A. attempted to emulate foreign writers. B. tried to drive the foreigners away. C. committed suicide. D. were impressed with alternate modes of writing 11. In 1938, British Prime Minister Chamberlain declared a final act of appeasement A. after Hitler’s forces occupied the Rhineland. B. when Hitler’s claim on the Sudetenland was accepted. C. after Hitler attacked Poland. D. immediately following the Nazi occupation of Austria. 12. In the 1840s, the Spanish recruited _______ laborers to work on plantations in Cuba. A. Chinese B. Indonesian C. Japanese D. Vietnamese 13. All the following factors were associated with the March Revolution, except A. the Duma’s proclamation of a provisional government. B. the arrival of Lenin in Moscow. C. the murder of Alexandra’s advisor, Rasputin. D. the abdication of Nicholas II. 14. The United States cut off sales of oil to Japan after the Japanese A. attacked Dutch Indonesia. B. attacked Pearl Harbor. C. occupied southern Indochina. D. occupied Hong Kong. 15. Following the 1911 revolution in China, Yuan Shigai A. established a dictatorship. B. divided the country among his warlord supporters. C. brought democracy to China. D. moved the capital city to Beijing for the first time. 16. As of 1904, U.S. neocolonialism in Latin America was most strongly represented in A. Brazil. B. Panama. C. Mexico. D. Argentina. 17. In Australia, Governor Arthur Phillip moved the penal colony A. from Sydney Cove to Botany Bay. B. to Port Jackson. C. from New South Wales to Sydney Cove. D. from Port Jackson to Sydney Cove. 18. During World War I, Western imperialism was most evident in A. Africa. B. Southeast Asia. C. East Asia. D. the Middle East. 19. The civil war in Russia came to an end when forces led by Leon Trotsky captured A. Leningrad. B. Kiev. C. Vladivostok. D. Petrograd. End of exam 20. In 1822, after Brazil achieved independence from Portugal, _______ dominated Brazilian society. A. Creole elites B. Pedro I C. local warlords D. Pedro II


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