The Interview

The Interview
The Big Interview

The Final Project requires you to integrate the work you undertook throughout the course into a multimedia presentation. You can use any presentation tool(s) with which you are comfortable. For instance, you can use PowerPoint or Prezi for the presentation and then create a screencast of your presentation using Jing or Screenr. Another option could be to use video to present and upload to YouTube (and share the link with the instructor). There are many creative options for presenting the information, so be sure to contact your instructor if you need further ideas or support with using multimedia for the presentation.

Scenario: The school you researched during this course is being taken over the by the state for poor performance. Based on your education philosophy, your classroom management plan and lesson plan, and the learning activities and assessment you developed in this course, the new principal has asked you to interview for the lead teacher position. This position would allow you to teach the grade of your choosing and give you the authority to enact significant changes across the school. On top of it all, the position pays $150,000. You are one of only 20 candidates asked to apply for this prestigious position. You have been asked to submit your e-portfolio and a multimedia presentation instead of interviewing in person. At a minimum, the principal has requested that you include the following as part of your presentation:

Part One: Presentation
Create a presentation that includes the following professional artifacts to demonstrate your knowledge and skills in education to get the job. You may use any presentation tool you are comfortable with, such as PowerPoint, Prezi, Blogger, GoogleSites, Wix, or Weebly. Remember that for an interview, you want to use your best work. So, it is important to revise any assignments based on instructor feedback.
a.Education philosophy
b.Classroom management plan
c.Different school models
d.Effective lesson planning and design
e.Assessment matters
Part Two: The Big Interview
Address each of the points that are required in your interview below. You may include anything else in the presentation that you think is necessary and pertinent for the interview committee to know. You may use any technology tool shared during this course or any tool of your choosing to capture or record your interview. Your interview should be no longer than five minutes in length.
a.Describe your philosophy of education.
b.Briefly share your idea of a successful classroom management plan.
c.Explain which model of teaching you believe the school should implement and why you are making this recommendation.
d.Identify the role you believe students play in the learning process.
e.Share your thoughts on what building an inclusive professional learning community means.
f.Describe what one could expect to see if he or she entered your classroom during the school day.


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