The implementation of a sample handing policy and the establishment of a

The implementation of a sample handing policy and the establishment of a sample reception area in a forensic laboratory

use one of two change models: Senior & Swailes OD model or HSE Change Model; however in doing so rationale & justification for selection must be provided].
This draft report demonstrates significant potential. The main area of concern is the extent to which the literature has been used to support the discussion in each of the chapters. This is an area that requires attention. In addition you also need to review your aim and objectives.
Remember this is an organisational development project.
A well-presented report. The writing is generally of a good quality. However, there are some grammar issues, spelling mistakes, punctuation errors etc. This is not a major problem but it may be worth running your final report through an online grammar checker (such as Grammarly or WriteCheck).
Referencing of a good standard.

Acknowledgements are blank.

Specific areas for improvement
A verb, a context and a brief description of the change
Suggest ‘The implementation of a sample handing policy and the establishment of a sample reception area in a forensic laboratory’
An impersonal, non-critical & informative account of the topic; what was undertaken; why it was important; how it was done; what the outcome was; and what conclusions were made. No more than 250 words

The start could be more concise. Clearly state the aim – “The aim of this project is ….’ (I note line 9, pg 2). State the methodology used and any highlights from the evaluation. Consider what were the key findings? Also indicate any limitations and the contribution that the project has made
Chapter 1: Introduction

Details of the organisation and context of the change; evidence-based rationale for undertaking the project; description of the project leading to a specific set of aim & SMART objectives; Role of the student in the organisation and the project.

First line is not clear (page 3). Remember to proof read before final submission.
Some of the elements of 1.2 should be in the introduction and vice versa some of the elements in 1.1 should be in 1.2. For example 1.2 provides an outline of what will be covered in the report.
There is scope for the inclusion of referenced sources to help support and inform the discussion.
‘Lab’ – ‘laboratory’
Aim needs to be more succinct – ‘That a sampling handling policy and a new reception area will be in place within the forensic laboratory.’
The objectives need to be 4-7 statements that guide the key goals that you need to achieve to meet your aim. Each objective should incorporate elements of the SMART acronym.
Examples (not that these are just examples and can be modified or changed to suit the project).
‘All staff will be able to competently use the sample database by [date]’
‘All staff will have attended a training session on X by [date]’
‘That there will be a decrease of X% in the number of sample handing errors by [date]’
‘That the sample handing policy will be 100% compliant with X international standard by [date]’
‘That there will be an increase of X% in the accuracy of results by [date]’
‘That the sampling handling process within the laboratory will be 100% compliant with the sample handling policy by [date]’

Chapter 2: Literature Review:

Focus on the “change subject area” by theme.
This chapter requires significant development.
The discussion on change management, models and the HSE model should not be in this chapter. The chapter should be a review of the literature related to your project topic. This can be specific if there is enough literature and broader if required. Literature is available if you broaden your search to include handing specimens.
The style is descriptive in nature and could be developed with further discussion.
The number of articles/ other literature included in the review is very limited and needs to be developed further prior to submission. Note I counted only six, of which one was a website.
Note the Young reference (p14) relates to a different model. 2.2 makes only limited use of the literature and doesn’t even reference the HSE Model

Chapter 3: Methodology
An overview of the methodology and methods used as part of the OD process; explanation of the chosen change model

Chapter 3: Methodology and not change process. You need to clearly outline the methodology that you have used. The focus of the project is organisational development. While there is significant cross over with change you need to ensure that the OD focus is correct (please refer to the guidelines on the VLE). Note the use of the HSE model meets the requirements.
You have provided a detailed account of the project using the HSE model. However, there is significant scope for greater use of the OD and change literature to help inform and develop the discussion and critique

Chapter 4: Evaluation:

Discussion of the evaluation process and outcomes, including financial impact.

Revisit aim and objectives as per earlier comments. The areas that you have covered as part of the evaluation will be helpful in restructuring the objectives.

Chapter 5: Discussion & Conclusion:
Impact of change on the organisation; implications of change to management; comparison with literature review; strengths & limitations of the project, personal impact & recommendations for future improvements.

Scope for greater use of the literature to help inform the discussion.

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