The Future of education: Learning in the Classroom versus online

The Future of education: Learning in the Classroom versus online

MRes Dissertation Proposal
Please amend attached proposal according to the supervisor’s comments! (Or, perhaps, start it from the scratch).

This proposal needs a great deal more work before it forms the basis of a coherent dissertation. It has no research question and number of weaknesses.
The positive aspects are the idea looking at the diversity of ways in which on-line education is used!
It would be advisable not to spend too much time on MOOCS – they are beginning to be used increasingly for postgraduates for people who have necessary study skills – as is pointed out in the proposal.
It is therefore better to decide whether the focus is undergraduate level – which would be better or postgraduate level.
Is this UK only? Is there any link that could be made between government funding strategies in the UK and the US. If so there could be a comparative approach. For example, is the level of guaranteed government an explanation of why take up is so slow in the UK?
Could the proposal expand on the prestige aspects of on-line learning? It was pointed out that Oxford and Cambridge do not adopt on-line teaching for undergraduate courses – is this wholly true or it is more integrated? Various Asian countries notably Japan seem to consider on-line as lower quality. Could this area be expanded upon?
This may lead to a more management literature approach – what are the links between policy and uptake and between management models and style of on-line learning. This would put the dissertation more in line with a master Dissertation in Management.
For the reasons above the proposal does not meet the required standard. Moreover, a future submission should be properly proof read!

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