The enforceability of the Copyright Law in Australia with regard to illegally downloading music

The enforceability of the Copyright Law in Australia with regard to illegally downloading music

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A new magazine, On Trial, is to be published for Legal studies students. Because of the pace of technological change and the involvement and the interest of young people with technology, the first edition of the magazine is to focus on Technology and the Law. You have been asked to write an article for this edition in which you provide an expert opinion on a key area relating to technology law (in this case, intellectual property – copyright of music and the enforceability of the law in Australia)

The article must explain what you perceive to be the main issue that needs to be addressed with respect to the key area of the technology law, intellectual property, and the potential legislative action needed to provide the best outcome for the stakeholders and the Australian community. You should refer to relevant legislation, or the lack of legislation, and the appropriate cases where available.

Find statistics where music company’s/ artists have lost money due to the increased number of consumers illegally downloading their music (graphs if available)

include reasons why consumers don’t want to pay for their music – they might not want to connect their credit card details to itunes – they might not want to go out and purchase a $20 itunes voucher for one song that would only cost them $1.19 when they could download it illegally for free and not be arrested for violating the law.

What can I change? How can I change the law? Why isn’t it enforceable? What needs to be done to make it enforceable?

Having a law is one thing, but enforcing it is another


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