Survay of interior design program at CCA

The Council for Interior Design Accreditation (CIDA) is the accrediting agency for post secondary interior design education operating in the US and Canada.
In preparation for the on-site evaluation, CIDA is collecting feedback from alumni, employers of program graduates, internship/work experience sponsors, and other community members engaged with the interior design program at California College of the Arts. The program provided your name as an individual to contact for feedback in preparation for the CIDA accreditation review. Please take a moment to complete this brief survey.
1. Your name: (My name)
2. What is your relationship to the interior design program at California College of the Arts?
Recent program graduate (Check)
Employer of program graduate
Internship or work experience sponsor
Member of the Advisory Board
Community member engaged with the program
Other (please describe):
3. Describe your experience with the interior design program at California College of the Arts and your overall impression of the program based on that experience.
(CCA’s interior design program is not the school for everyone, but it is the school for students who want to take their careers into their own hands. Interior’s program is pretty heavy on the amount of work that has to be provided for the courses and the students need to be very thoughtful and mindful about the work to pass the class. The contents of the program encouraged me to challenge myself academically, creatively and socially. CCA introduced me to seminars deep in theory, creative outlets and real world know how. It was my challenge to grab ahold of all of these challenging and promising courses. And, that was how my confidence built when I was entering the professional field.)
4. In your opinion, what are the greatest strengths of the interior design program at California College of the Arts? Please explain your answers
(Interior design program at CCA trained me to be ready to take the task and be responsible so I was easily adopted to the professional environment at the beginning of my career.)
5. In your opinion, does this program adequately prepare students for entry-level interior design positions? Please explain your answer.
(Yes, I was be able to meet the expectations from the team. I was able to take the responsibilities on production part as well as conceptual thinking in design.)
6. In your opinion, are there any areas of the program that should be improved in order to better prepare graduates for professional practice? Please explain your answers.
(It would be grateful to have more learning experience on realization part of the interior design projects. Leading design from ideation to completion is the goal of the training and the idea of “design-build” is something that we all need to think about.)
7. Other feedback about the interior design program at California College of the Arts you would like to share with the visiting team:
(I encourage to have more group-work in the program. As all other design practices, Design can not be done by one designer. Sometimes, It’s all about the collaboration. The team work is very important and very required ability to the designers especially in architectural/interior design field. I think it would be great to encourage the student to work together.)


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