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WINTER 2015-2016
You can receive extra credit by submitting your project before the due date or by presenting your project in class. Your assignment is as follows:

? You want to explain the causes and effects of an historical event, fact, occurrence that has an effect on our lives in the 21st century. You may select to use an historical figure in your presentation.

1. Explain the reasons you selected your topic and what you expected to learn about your topic. For example, you could state why you are interested in this particular subject.

2. Discuss how the event could have been developed differently if the circumstances were different. Explain how the changes would be viewed or understood in the 21st century.

3. In your conclusion, describe and explain any interesting or surprising facts that you did not anticipate when you selected your topic.

? The following is a list of possible topics that you may select or you may select a topic that is of interest to you: Anti-Semitism, Totalitarianism, Colonialism, Communism, Nationalism, Imperialism, Women’s Rights, Alliances, Wilson’s Vision, Non-violent resistance, Militarism, Historical figure (role in history),Industrial Revolution, Democracy, Great Depression, Resources, Nazism, Great Depression, Franklin D. Roosevelt’s decision to run for a third term, Various aspects about World War II, Vietnam and its implications today, Gulf War, Invasion of Iraq, Impact of Globalization on our society, etc…

1. Papers are to be typed, 1 and ½ spacing, 12 fonts (Times New Roman) with one-inch margins all the way around. A cover page is required. All pages should be numbered. Papers should be between 6-8 pages, excluding your cover page and annotated bibliography page.

2. The annotated bibliography* needs to include the following:
A. A summary of the source being used
B. An evaluation of the source for relevance to your project
C. An evaluation of the source for reliability
* See the example posted on ulearn

3. Annotated bibliography of at least three sources EXCLUDING Wikipedia must be included. You need to have at least one quote from each source.

4. Staple your papers in the upper-left hand corner. No folders or binders please!

5. Make sure to use specific references to the reading to support the points you try to make (this makes for a much more convincing paper). Footnotes should be used as needed.

6. Papers are due WEEK NINE – Wednesday February 10, 2016. Late papers will be graded at 50% of the total value of the assignment. Remember you can submit the project earlier for extra credit.

7. Papers will be graded according to the use of proper grammar and spelling. The grading rubric is included.

8. E-mailed papers will not be accepted.

Levels correspond roughly to letter grades (4 = A, 1 = F), although criteria will vary somewhat depending upon the nature and level of the class.
Level Criteria
4 • Well-developed thesis directly addressing the topic.
• Persuasive analysis of the topic, addressing all parts of the topic; analysis demonstrates thorough understanding of all sides of a question (as appropriate).
• Outstanding grasp of general historical issues raised by topic.
• Numerous specific examples demonstrate detailed knowledge of relevant history.
• Extremely well organized, with a clear introduction, argument, and conclusion.
• Well written in appropriate standard English; few grammatical errors or colloquialisms.
3 • Clear thesis addressing the topic.
• Good analysis of the topic, addressing most parts of the topic; analysis demonstrates understanding of all sides of a question (as appropriate), though may be unevenly developed.
• Good grasp of general historical issues raised by topic.
• Several specific examples demonstrate good knowledge of relevant history.
• Well organized, with an introduction, argument, and conclusion.
• Clearly written in appropriate standard English; some grammatical errors or colloquialisms.
2 • Thesis indicates some aspect of the topic; more a restatement of than a point about the topic.
• Analysis of the topic, addressing most parts of the topic; analysis adequate but unevenly developed.
• Some grasp of general historical issues raised by topic, though some significant issues may be omitted.
• Some specific examples demonstrate knowledge of relevant history; some clearly relevant examples omitted.
• Contains at least two of the following: introduction, argument, and conclusion; organization may be somewhat unclear.
• Understandable, but contains several grammatical errors or colloquialisms.
1 • No discernible thesis and/or serious misunderstanding of the topic.
• Descriptive rather than analytical; marginally related to the topic; significant logical gaps.
• Little grasp of general historical issues raised by topic.
• Few and/or erroneous specific examples demonstrate little knowledge of relevant history.
• Poorly organized: no clear introduction, argument, or conclusion.
• Pattern of grammatical errors and/or inappropriate colloquialisms.

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