Strategic marketing

Strategic marketing


1 Forecasting

Critically evaluate the usefulness of two forecasting methods that might be
used before investing in a new market
25 marks


2 Business Development Options

NiceN?Bright, a domestic cleaning agency, was set up in 2005 by Kitty Carr.
In the beginning she employed two friends as cleaners. Five years later, by
simply marketing through word of mouth and building a strong local image,
she now has 25 domestic professionals on her books and turns over
approximately ?25,000 per month. Kitty wants to take a more proactive
approach to her business and wishes to develop a marketing strategy to
extend her business over the next 5 years.

2a Discuss possible strategic options for NiceN?Bright and make recommendations as to how the business
15 marks

2b Fully assess the management implications of your
recommendations to NiceN?Bright
20 marks

3 Competitive Strategy

Using an organisation of your choice discuss the principals
of an effective competitive strategy
25 marks

Total 85 Marks




Marks for each question is shown above and should be reflected in the word count
Use an informal report style when presenting your answers.
Question 1 needs to evaluate two forecasting methods appropriate to entering a new market offering up arguments both for and against
Question 2 is in two parts so provide headings that clearly separate out your answers.
Question 3 requires you to illustrate your understanding of the principals of competitive strategy by using examples from an organisation of your choice


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