Reflective Journal (1500 words)

Reflective Journal (1500 words)

The reflective journal consists of 4 questions that should be answered on a fortnightly basis:

1.    What are the two sources of law in Australia? Outline the way in which each type of law is made and explain which law prevails in the event of a conflict. Do you think that these are an effective or efficient way of developing new laws?
2.    You are the director of a company that filed for bankruptcy and owed creditors $7 million. Are you liable as a director for that debt? Why/why not? Would your answer change, if, as director you allowed the company to trade while insolvent? In your answer you should consider any relevant cases and materials discussed in lectures and tutorials.
3.    In regards to contracts for carriage,  Australian courts have found that damages can be awarded for distress and disappointment. Do you agree that these kinds of damages should be available to potential plaintiffs? In your answer you should  consider any relevant cases and materials discussed in lectures and tutorials.
4.    The Fair Work Act provides protection for employees under certain circumstances. What makes a dismissal unfair? Do you think that this type of proctection is warranted or necessary? In your answer give examples or refer to cases.

The reflective journal needs to be answered in a report format including an introduction and conclusion (an executive summary is not required for this assessment).

Assessment Criteria – Reflective Journal (part of portfolio 50% of total mark)

/20%    Rarely or never keeps track of feelings or experiences.  Resistant to change or experience of personal reflection    Keeps track of feelings or experiences without any personal resonance.  Just ‘doing the assessment.     Generally keeps track of feelings or experiences but limited self-analysis.  Positive experience but insights are simplistic and more emotive    Generally keeps track of thoughts and feelings and includes come reflection and analysis.  Positive insights into situations and personal change/growth implied    Comprehensive recording of thoughts, feelings and experiences combined with detailed analysis & reflection.  Definite insights into issues, awareness of complexity of situations and links with personal growth/development.
Apply relevant theory

/20%    Inaccurate or inappropriate choice of theory    Selection of theory is appropriate but some aspects have been missed or misconstrued    Most key theories are included in the work in an appropriate straight forward manner    Insightful and appropriate selection of theory in key areas    Assignment demonstrates integration and innovation in the selection and handling of theory
Imagination/ Creativity
/20%    Lacks imagination. Does not exercise creative skills.    Shows some imagination.  Aware of some creative techniques and uses them.    Uses imagination and a range of creative techniques.    Uses imagination to go beyond boundaries and applies creative techniques with skills.     Uses imagination and explores a variety of perspectives.  Employs appropriate creative techniques
Clarity of communication

/20%    Meaning unclear and/or grammar and/or spelling and referencing contain frequent errors.    Meaning apparent, but language not always fluent.  Grammar and/or spelling and referencing contain errors.    Language mainly fluent.  Grammar, spelling and referencing mainly accurate.    Language fluent. Grammar, spelling and referencing accurate.    Fluent writing style appropriate to document.  Grammar and spelling accurate.

Depth of Research

/20%    Incomplete research and links to any readings.
Order is confusing; ideas and details not shaped.  Beginning and   end of sections undefined. Hard to follow the flow of ideas    Limited research and documented links to any readings.
Order mostly makes sense.
Not all details correct    Good research and documented links to the material read.
Order makes sense. Obvious beginning, middle and end. Most details correct.    Excellent research into the issues with clear   links to class and related readings.
Clear direction.
Details correct and build to main points.    Research of outstanding quality, clear links to a wide range of theoretical ideas.
Exemplary consistency, flow and effectiveness of presentation of Report.

Total             /100%
Criterion & Weighting    Fail (0-49%)
Unsatisfactory performance    Pass (50-64%)
Just Satisfactory performance    Credit (65-74%)
Good quality showing more than satisfactory performance    Distinction (75-84%)
Superior quality demonstrating independent thinking    High Distinction (85-100%) Outstanding quality showing creativity and originality

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