Purpose statement for a nursing student

Compose a one page purpose statement for a nursing student looking for admission into the Doctor in Nurse Practitioner program.DNP Purpose Statement


Purpose statement for a nursing student
Purpose statement for a nursing student


Purpose statement for a nursing student. DNP Purpose Statement

Purpose statement for a nursing student. After attaining my Bachelor and Master Degrees, I am applying to advance in my nursing career. My rich professional history will allow me to excel in the doctoral degree program. My experience and passion for nursing will facilitate me to advance my knowledge in research writing and publishing. I am convinced doctor of nursing practitioner program in your institution will assist me to achieve my career goals.

I am a self-motivated and self-directed individual with the ability to function effectively as a team player. I can offer excellent services with little or no supervision. I always execute my responsibilities effectively. It is my wish to grow and become an outstanding leader in the nursing profession. The doctor of nursing practitioner program will propel my motivation in research and publishing my works.

I believe that the doctor of nursing (DNP) program at your university and my professional experience will assist me to improve my skills as a nurse practitioner. The program will allow me to contribute to my community by offering services learned. I will endeavor to empower my community and student nurses with the knowledge gained.

Training at the university will help me maximize my contribution to my profession. Health promotion and prevention of disease will be my focus on learning. I will ensure that communities can access healthcare services easily. I will be an advocate for my patients and an agent of change.

I believe that admission to the university will accelerate the process of achieving my career goals. I aim at serving my patients through research and advocacy. Skills attained will be used to ensure that my clients can access high-quality health services. Let us write a purpose statement for a nursing student for you!



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