Project 2—Field Interview: Overview

Project 2 requires you to select an interviewee subject from one of five allowable categories (see below). While there is some required

information you must include, you are allowed to create your own questions for the interview; however, they must provide you with

information that allows you to analyze the interviewees understanding of crime victims’ rights and the history of the movement. You

will offer this analysis in a 3-5 page paper via narrative form.

Project 2—Field Interview: Description

Allowable interviewee categories:

Representative of a victim service organization (can include a victim advocate, case manager, or crime victims’ rights attorney);
Prosecutor (within the civilian criminal justice system);
Law Enforcement (within the civilian criminal justice system);
Judicial Officer (requires that they oversee a criminal docket); or
Defense Attorney (within the civilian criminal justice system).

It is important that the candidate you select has enough consistent interaction with crime victims to offer you enough information for

your analysis.

Following your interview, write a narrative paper that explains your assessment of the person’s work and perspective/knowledge of

victims’ rights. Include analysis on where their perspective is victim centered or could be improved. A large part of this project is

for you to see what service providers and system players do on a day-to day-basis and analyze how it impacts their perceptions of

victims and/or changes their interactions with victims. You must include at least five (5) citations to instructional course

materials/reading assignments that you have accessed in the course. Incorporating these supportive references into your analysis is key

to demonstrating what you are learning in the course and how it helped shaped your analysis during and after the interview.

Required information to be included in the paper:

Agency name
Contact information for the agency
Date the interview was conducted
Agency mission/goals
Name of person(s) interviewed
Type of agency, type/number of staff, and status, e.g., nonprofit, government, faith-based
Type of clients served
Geographic area served
General services provided by agency
Challenges the agency faces
The representative’s interaction with victims and the point at which she or he comes in contact with victims
Agency activities during a “normal day”

Required analysis to include in the paper:

The required information is offered for you to use as the starting point for your interview. The following questions should be

addresses somewhere in the analysis that you provide in your narrative:

How does the interviewee view the role of the victim in the pursuit of criminal justice (use the specific crime topic you

picked in your Project 1)
What is the interviewee’s opinion of the efficiency and effectiveness of the prevailing victims’ rights laws in their

jurisdiction? If there are no codified provisions for victims’ rights by statute or court rule, why do they believe no such

consideration exists?
To what does the interviewee attribute the absence or reluctance of victims to participate in the criminal justice

What is the interviewee’s understanding of crime victims’ rights and the history of this movement?

Formatting Requirements:

Project 2 should begin with an introductory paragraph and end with a concluding paragraph. The full narrative should be between 3 to 5

full pages (not including the Works Cited page that references in APA format the five (5) selected course materials you used). The

layout should include double spaces, 12 pt. font, with one inch margins that include first line indentation.

Please include a Cover Page for your assignment with the following elements:

Include your name
Course title and number
Project title
Interviewee category selected
Date of submission

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