Population Growth in the Asian City

Population Growth in the Asian City


Overview: Asia is a vast region with great demographic diversity. Consider, for example, that the median age in Japan is almost 45, while the median age in Cambodia is less than 25! In this assignment, you will pick two cities with vastly different demographic characteristics and compare them. The cities may be chosen from anywhere in Asia, as long as they have a minimum population of one million. In particular, you should consider the following characteristics:

a. Population size
b. Age structure
c. Ethnic composition
d. Labour force composition
e. Gender ratio and composition

Task: Write a well-researched account of 1000 words in report format in which you compare the populations of two distinct Asian cities, mentioning the characteristics above. In each case, provide a general overview of the population’s characteristics and think about how the challenges facing each are either similar or divergent. Think about how many school-age children each has, how many adults there are in the labour force, and how future trends predict an easier or more difficult predicament in the near future. Draw your information from reports, census publications and other official documents and scholarly publications. You must use data sourced from original sources, rather than relying solely on reports and articles.

As a general framework, your report should include the following elements:

a. Introduction (100-200 words)
b. Overview of City A’s demographic characteristics (100-200 words)
c. Overview of City B’s demographic characteristics (100-200 words)
d. Comparison of the two, drawing similarities and differences (200-300 words)
e. Discussion of challenges faced by each in the present and future (200-300 words)
f. Conclusion (100-200 words)


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