Philosophy and Science fiction

Philosophy and Science fiction

Please follow these steps. This is an opinionated response paper for Thomas Hobbes selections from Leviathan. spend a sentence introducing the article, book, or excerpt you are responding to. Then describe the philosophical issue you in particular wish to address. One book may contain several issues, so just focus on one for this paper. The next sentence should explain the position the author takes on this issue, and the one following should explain YOUR basic opinion. That’s the first paragraph. The remainder of your response paper – two to four full paragraphs – should be devoted to making YOUR argument, considering possible counter-arguments, and then defending yourself against those inch margins, This is a simple formula that can be expanded for your longer papers as well. At the end of the short paper (and don’t bother making a separate page) include the MLA citation of the book after the last paragraph. This is all about opinions, please avoid including references by authors alot.

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