1.    Below are sets of three terms. Use one of the sets to construct a valid syllogism. Explain how you decided on the statements for your syllogism.
A. Dogmatists, theologians, free thinkers
B. African nations, countries deserving military aid, upholders of human rights
C. Pranksters, exasperating people, teenage boys
D. Business attire, expensive clothes, necessary clothes
E. Corporations, unethical businesses, businesses that are never punished
F. Endangered species, animals needing protection, spotted owls

2.    A sound argument is valid (correctly formed) and has all true premises. Your book Chapters 8 and 9 discuss several ways to test the soundness of an argument. Now it is your turn to apply the tests. Go to a website that provides political opinion, such as the Huffington Post. Find a brief article that contains a clear argument. Evaluate the argument for its soundness. Link the article at the end of your response by copying its Web address.

Critical Thinking
11th Edition
by Brooke Noel Moore and Richard Parker
© 2015, McGraw-Hill Higher Education
Chapter 8 and 9

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