Perspective of how alcohol and drugs are used to escape reality and being used in this novel

Perspective of how alcohol and drugs are used to escape reality and being used in this novel
Choose a topic of personal interest related to Hemingway?s novel For Whom the Bell Tolls and compose a research paper in MLA style with appropriate argumentation, specific evidence, well-chosen quotations (with in-text citations), and critical sources accessed through the college library?s traditional or online databases.
This assignment needs to be 10 pages, typed, double-spaced, with an outline. Prove your ability to compose a research paper, assert and define a thesis, organize your ideas and evidence into an analytical argument, choose integrate and cite quotations, summarize and paraphrase significant ideas, and prepare an adequate Works Cited page.

-Introduce the book
-Introduce of how the characters are using alcohol to escape reality and to recover themselves

Thesis: the perspectives of how the characters in the book use alcohol to escape the reality and to recover their mind from horrifying incident

The paper is about alcohol and substance abuse as support for a paper focusing on perspectives

2nd paragraph
-The bad perceptions of public about taking alcohol as a way to escape the reality.
-Include the examples and quotes from the novel
– Include quotes and articles about the public view of taking alcohol

3rd paragraph
– Which character is taking the drugs and alcohol and when
– why are they taking them
– the side effects of the drugs
– the positive effects and negative effects

4th paragraph
– medical theory and psychology discussion about this issue
5th paragraph
– who needs to be taking those drugs and substances in real life, such as post war soldiers, medication usage, etc
– why do they take them
– why are they advise to take the drugs by the therapist

6th paragraph
– is this right or wrong?
– Is it against culture and moral values?

*include and relate back to the novel and characters.
, the paragraphs doesnt have to be exacly like the outline, but roughly and add more ideas and paragraphs and elaborate further.


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