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Write a response to the post below. Please offer relevant thoughts that demonstrate critical thinking. All posts from classmates should be read! Such insights should demonstrate original thought, introspection, and healthy debate among classmates. A minimum of 5 sentences are required for each original post (250 words).

Use the following guidelines to comment on your classmate’s post.

Acknowledge your classmate by their name and quote the person who you are responding to so that other viewers will know what has caught your attention (i.e “____said________”)

Build on your comment or elaborate on your point of view. To score well, reference the lecture to support your comment. (i.e. “I (agree/disagree) with (him/her) because __ I think that ___”)

Conclude or contest a previous point (i.e. “and am wondering if __ ” or “Do you agree with me? Looking forward to your reply!___”)

The twelve disciples,(Peter,James,John, Andrew, Philip, Bartholomew,Mathew, Thomas, James, Thaddaeus,Simon,and Judas Iscariot) was a interesting story in the Bible because they came from different back grounds,not religious, educated, or sophisticated, very normal men however, Jesus chose them to do a very important job , being his close circle and spreading the Gospel. Their main purpose was to go into towns where Jesus would come and make preparations for his arrival. The main reason Jesus chose them is because he asked them to follow and they did for his entire life and on the day of the Pentecost the Twelve Apostles witnessed in public the resurrection of Christ. They were then commanded by Christ to go and make disciples of nations. Obviously, they had many positive events spreading the Gospel, they also had the lows dealing with the enemies of Christ, his Crucifixion, betrayal of Judas…The Twelve Disciples as many other stories in the Bible are still applicable in todays world. Once again, the idea of being stronger in a group as opposed to working alone concept,also Judas reflects even though he was put into such an important position of being a disciple of Christ he still failed,,,just as leaders in todays society can fail whether it be in politics, education or religion. I am not very well versed in the Bible, although I was raised in church as a child and teenager, so I will have to do some research gathering initially on some of these post but in this story, I take away that ordinary people can be called to do extraordinary things.


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